4 Questions to Ask Before Developing An App


If you woke up today with the thought, ‘I have an idea for an App’ or have been thinking about this for days now, it may be time to seriously consider development and bring your app to the market.

Having an idea is the first step towards success, but completing the other steps carefully will ensure a prosperous future for your app. We bring you 4 questions to ask yourself before you start working on your idea:

1. What’s The Objective of Your App?

Are you making the app to promote an existing business or do you want to make money from your new app? If it is a promotional idea for an existing business, you can contact a local developer to build the app and start running it as soon as possible. If it’s a new idea that’s money oriented, make a detailed business plan and consider hiring a team to help you transform your idea into a reality.

2. iPhone, Android or Both?

Think about which OS you’d like to publish your mobile app on – iPhone or Android. If you’ve just started out, it is better to choose one, test the market and then spend on the other. Analyse your demographic market and select the language you’d prefer. Android apps go live in about 20 minutes after submitting but may take longer to generate revenue. iPhone or iPad apps can be rewarding to make money, but the investment may be higher.

3. Free or Paid?

Another big question to ask yourself before you start developing. In Android, free apps are popular in the category of games and entertainment. To be safe, you can always create two versions – free and paid for your app. Those looking for maximum downloads should keep their app free in the market and then add in-app purchases later on.

4. Should you Hire Someone or DIY?

Unless you are a mobile app developer yourself, it is better to outsource the development work to save time and money. Look for a reasonable company that understands your requirements and is willing to start with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) so that you can enter the market faster. Timing is essential in the mobile apps market to prevent competitors from stealing your idea or entering before you do.

Moving from ‘I have an idea for an app’ to ‘I have a successful app in the store’ can be a challenging journey. With the right tools, development partners and a strong understanding of the market, you can surely create a great app!

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