Outsourcing web development versus engaging an in-house team


The Perks of Outsourcing

In a marketplace where profitability is the primary aim, several businesses have opted for outsourcing their web development to a foreign country. While there are innumerable merits to the option, you must fully explore all aspects of it before you outsource web development in India. This write-up helps quell your fears by thoroughly debating this idea.

Higher profit margins are the first perk of outsourcing. This is mainly due to the much lower outlay on labor in a foreign country. Every businessman recognizes that it makes sense to engage web developers abroad when you are incurring a much higher expenditure if you hire in-house. The savings help you maintain profitability and increase your margins.

When you hire somebody in-house, you cannot terminate their contract at the drop of a hat. It has to be a long term hire. This is one obligation outsourcing can free you of, as it lets you engage developers on a project-basis.

Hiring a team of developers’ means that you will have to have a department dedicated to them in your office. This necessitates office space, amenities and other facilities that you must provide. It can be difficult to maintain this in case you are facing a market slump or economic downturn, which is why outsourcing is the preferred alternative.

The negative aspects of having an in-house developer

Engaging in-house experts always brings with it some extra costs. A major part of this is health insurance. Since you are responsible for their health and dental coverage, it shall be cutting into your profits. However, when hiring within the country, you are legally bound to offer insurance, which could be quite pricey. This is something you can avert with outsourcing.

An in-house team is prone to intra-office interruptions and commotion. This tends to mar the overall productivity significantly.

You are not plagued by hiring hurdles when you outsource. That being said, an in-house hire takes time, as you must screen the employee, check their records or even wait for the right candidate. There is also a significant training period at times, which is why companies choose to outsource web development in India and expedite things. Savvy businessmen looking to maximize their earnings as well as companies struggling with budget cuts are saying yes to outsourcing today. It is certainly an exceedingly lucrative alternative that has presented more pro’s than cons.

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